Trump Demanding Retraction from O’Donnell For Loan Claims

Trump Demanding Retraction from O’Donnell For Loan Claims

August 28, 2019

President Trump’s attorneys are demanding a retraction from MSNBC over host Lawrence O’Donnell‘s claim during his show The Last Word on Tuesday that Trump had loans co-signed by “Russian billionaires close to Vladimir Putin.”

“These statements are false and defamatory, and extremely damaging,” Charles Harder of Harder LLP law firm wrote to MSNBC in a letter obtained by Breitbart News. “The only borrowers under these loans are Trump entities, and Mr. Trump is the only guarantor.”

After pointing out that the loan documents are publicly available online, Harder added, “Thus, actual malice can easily be proven based on your reckless disregard of the truth and unreasonable reliance on an alleged ‘source’ who you will not even identify in your story and likely is seeking to mislead you and the public for political reasons or other ulterior motives.”

Harder’s letter demands that O’Donnell and NBCU “retract, correct and apologize for the aforementioned false and defamatory statements.”

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