Trump Calls Out Schumer Over Mexico Tariff

Trump Calls Out Schumer Over Mexico Tariff

June 5, 2019

President Trump lashed out on social media Tuesday at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s accusation that he was not serious about leveling a tariff on Mexico.

“President Trump has a habit of talking tough and then retreating because his policies often can’t be implemented or don’t make sense… so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if President Trump doesn’t follow through on these tariffs, either,” Schumer said on the Senate Floor Tuesday.

“Can you imagine Cryin’ Chuck Schumer saying out loud, for all to hear, that I am bluffing with respect to putting Tariffs on Mexico. What a Creep,” Trump tweeted. “He would rather have our Country fail with drugs & Immigration than give Republicans a win,” he said. “But he gave Mexico bad advice, no bluff!”

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