True the Vote to Stacey Abrams’ Judge Sister: Recuse Yourself

True the Vote to Stacey Abrams’ Judge Sister: Recuse Yourself

December 31, 2020

In a statement released on Tuesday, True the Vote founder and president Catherine Engelbrecht called on Judge Leslie Abrams Gardner, a federal Georgia judge who happens to be the sister of voter fraud defender Stacey Abrams, to recuse herself from the case regarding two Peach State counties and issues related to voter eligibility.

“Judge Gardner’s ruling is wrong on the law, and the glaring conflict of interest – pointed out by Muscogee County – undermines faith in the judicial process,” Engelbrecht said following Gardner’s Monday ruling in favor of Majority Forward, the organization which claimed that the GOP attempted to “disenfranchise” voters in two Georgia counties, Muscogee and Ben Hill, based on unsubstantiated “change-of-address” data.

“Georgia voters have every reason to question a ruling that doesn’t follow the law but does deliver for her sister’s political agenda,” Engelbrecht continued. “This entire ruling is based on the idea that these challenges are about removing voters from the registration list – a situation where the judge could apply federal law,” she stated, noting that the challenges “wouldn’t remove anyone from the voter registration list.”

“The counties involved didn’t even get to have their say. Perhaps a fair hearing in the light of day – as opposed to a decree issued in the dead of night – would have given the judge some insight on what’s really happening in these cases,” Engelbrecht added.

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