Tribe Apologizes For Spinning Conspiracy Out of Hamas Attack

Tribe Apologizes For Spinning Conspiracy Out of Hamas Attack

October 8, 2023

X users hit back at Harvard professor emeritus Laurence Tribe for tweeting (and then deleting) a conspiracy theory that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pursuing war against Hamas militants to distract from his own corruption in government.

Following Netanyahu’s Saturday statement declaring that Israel is “at war” after the deadly Hamas attack on his country, the progressive legal scholar posted, “Is Netanyahu wagging the dog of war to take attention away from his own war on the independent judiciary? Can anyone put that past him?”

He posted and quickly deleted the X post on Saturday following the Hamas attack on Israel.

Fox News Digital reached out to Tribe for comment, and he responded with this explanation: “I sent the tweet in response to Netanyahu’s reported comments before I saw the news of what Hamas had actually done, at which point I immediately deleted the tweet as a clearly premature, ill-informed and inappropriate response to incomplete information.”

He added, “I obviously condemn Hamas’s terrorist attacks and unthinkable atrocities against the Israeli people, including the murder and abduction of civilians, in the strongest possible terms and fully support Israel’s right of self-defense, notwithstanding my long-standing condemnation of the Israeli occupation of Gaza and its activities in the West Bank.”

Multiple prominent X users blasted Tribe’s post. Even unhinged political performance artist Keith Olbermann called it “moronic and indefensible.”

Conservative commentator Dave Rubin commented, “You are a f—— idiot.”

Actor and conservative Matthew Marsden replied, “What an evil person you are.”

Reporter Julie Kelly remarked on Tribe’s post, stating, “You need to go commit yourself somewhere.”

Seattle radio host Jason Rantz blasted the legal scholar, stating, “Thanks for reminding people that you’re the absolute worst person.”

Defense attorney and conservative commentator Marina Medvin wrote, “You’re a disgusting terrorist a–kisser.”

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