Trans Levine Touts Group That Calls Women ‘Egg Producers’

Trans Levine Touts Group That Calls Women ‘Egg Producers’

August 18, 2023

President Biden’s transgender admiral — Rachel Levine — has endorsed a progressive organization that demotes women’s status in society to mere “egg producers.”

The redefinition of women is intended to help sexually motivated transsexual men invade women’s spaces in society, said Erin Brewer, president of Utah-based Advocates Protecting Children.

Women need a term to describe the aggressive male campaign to take over women’s spaces in society, such as in sports, in bathrooms, in status awards, in fashion, and in many other areas, Brewer told Breitbart News:

It’s like they’re seizing it … [or] occupying womanhood [and] there’s a violent component to it. It’s almost like an emotional rape … It’s misogynistic … they’re doing it for their own empowerment purposes … They’re stealing our identity and redefining it so that they can use it.

Levine’s endorsement for the group came on August 6, when he visited government-funded health centers around Alaska:

“These inspiring people work tirelessly to create a more equitable future, where all those living in the U.S. have equal access to lifesaving medical care,” tweeted Levine, Biden’s assistant secretary for Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

He posted the tweet from Identity Alaska, a government-backed advocacy center for sexual diversity, including transsexualism in K-12 schools. “Identity’s mission is to advance Alaska’s lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual, two-spirited + community through advocacy, education, health care and connectivity,” the website says.

The advocacy includes alliances with other pro-transgender groups and the promotion of novel language that would eliminate the legal and civic recognition of women. Instead of using the word ‘mother’ in these conversations, they recommend using terms such as ‘egg producer’ or ‘carrier.’

The language matches the terms used by the transgender ideology. For example, it uses “gender” to replace “sex” to help transsexual men who mimic women for sexual gratification to describe themselves as apparently non-sexual “transgender women.”

The manipulated language shift from “sex” to “gender” makes it difficult for ordinary people to argue back against the transgender cult, said Brewer.

Online, pro-transgender advocates aggressively denounce women who spotlight the transgender mimicry of women:

Overall, the effort by Levine to blur the discussion between women and men, or girls and boys, is cruel, especially when it pushes kids away from normal puberty and into hospitals, said Brewer.

“We have someone who is ostensibly in charge of health care who’s willing to devastate the health of children … it’s cruel — I’m not even sure if cruel is quite strong enough,” she told Breitbart News.

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