Tlaib: Take from the Rich, Give ‘to the People that Earned It’

Tlaib: Take from the Rich, Give ‘to the People that Earned It’

July 23, 2019

Freshman Rep. Rashida Tlaib spoke at the NAACP convention over the weekend, where she promoted her anti-poverty proposal for taking money from the rich and giving it “back to the people that earned it.”

Tlaib introduced the BOOST Act (Building Our Opportunities to Survive and Thrive) last month which offers a guaranteed income up to $6,000 per year to families and individuals under certain financial thresholds via a monthly refundable tax credit.

“Recently, I introduced the Boost Act. This legislation completely repeals the GOP Tax Scam that is only helping wealthy individuals – the rich, the corporations,” she told the crowd. “And do you know what I did with that money? Do you know what I said? We’re going to go ahead and put it in the pockets of folks like everyday Americans. That’s what we do with our public dollars. We give it back to the people– the people that earned it,” Tlaib added.

In fact, two-thirds of Americans will pay less in taxes in 2018 thanks to those GOP tax cuts, but Democrat demagogues thrive on pitting rich against poor.

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