Tlaib Says House Dems ‘Moving Toward’ Impeachment

Tlaib Says House Dems ‘Moving Toward’ Impeachment

May 27, 2019

Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Rep. Rashida Tlaib said House Democrats were “moving toward” a majority who back the impeachment of President Trump.

“This is not about the 2020 election. It’s about doing what’s right now for our country,” Tlaib said. “This is going to be a precedent that we set when we don’t hold this president accountable to the rule of the law and to the United States Constitution…

“I think it is moving toward [a consensus]. It’s going to demand that,” she added. “And I think the American people understand that, that we can’t do our job if the president thinks he’s above the law, thinks that he cannot abide by what the United States Congress is passing through and asking and demanding of him.”

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