Tlaib: People ‘Policing’ Her for Saying ‘F*ck White Supremacy’

Tlaib: People ‘Policing’ Her for Saying ‘F*ck White Supremacy’

March 22, 2021

On Twitter on Friday, Muslim socialist Rep. Rashida Tlaib lashed out at people for “policing” her profane language after she posted a tweet on Thursday reading, “Fuck white supremacy.”

“People are policing my words while completely failing to fight against white supremacy,” she said, as if people can’t do both. “This really speaks volumes on where we are and the work we have to do.”

No, it speaks volumes about the juvenile, ugly, unprofessional nature of Tlaib’s mindset as a Congresswoman. It is possible both to be passionate about opposing an evil ideology such as white supremacy (or jihad, which she supports) and to express one’s self articulately, intelligently, and with dignity.

Tlaib has proven herself incapable of the latter. You may recall that in 2017, only hours after being sworn in to Congress, Tlaib notoriously urged her fellow Democrats to “go in and impeach the motherfucker,” referring to then-President Trump. That kind of language may fly with the rabid social justice mob she identifies with, but it’s beneath her office.

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