Tlaib: Dems Looking to Arrest Trump Cabinet Members

Tlaib: Dems Looking to Arrest Trump Cabinet Members

October 4, 2019

Speaking at a town hall in Detriot on Tuesday, Rep. Rashida Tlaib told constituents that her fellow Democrats are exploring options to arrest White House officials who refuse to comply with subpoenas as part of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump.

House Democrats are in “uncharted territory” when it comes to arresting Cabinet members and are “trying to tread carefully,” said Tlaib. “This is the first time we’ve ever had a situation like this. So they’re trying to figure out — no joke — is it the D.C. police that goes and gets them? We don’t know. Where do we hold them?”

“I will tell them they can hold all those people right here in Detroit,” she continued. “We’ll take care of them and make sure they show up to the committee hearings.”

Breitbart News reports that Tlaib’s comments came after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo wrote an angry letter to Congress declaring that House Democrats are attempting to “intimidate” and “bully” State Department officials with subpoenas.

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