Tlaib Defends Joaquin Castro’s Doxxing of Trump Donors

Tlaib Defends Joaquin Castro’s Doxxing of Trump Donors

August 7, 2019

Rep. Rashida Tlaib declared her support Tuesday for Rep. Joaquin Castro‘s “doxxing” of Trump donors in his San Antonio, Texas district — posting the names and employers of 44 donors who gave the maximum allowable contribution to Trump.

“Chairman Castro, They don’t like it when you name their donors. The public needs to know who funds racism,” she tweeted after Castro faced backlash from both sides of the political aisle.

Tlaib’s colleague among the radical freshman Representatives known as “the Squad,” Rep. Ilhan Omar, retweeted Tlaib’s message.

Castro defended himself by saying that the information was public, no one was harassed in his post, and that it was not a “call to action.”

“It’s absolutely a call to action,” one Twitter user replied. “You’re hoping they are fired, or their business gets boycotted, or they are generally harassed and intimidated to the point that they never dare donate to someone you and your ilk find unacceptable again. Everyone can see exactly what you intended.”

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