Tlaib: Continues to Support Abolishing Federal Prisons

Tlaib: Continues to Support Abolishing Federal Prisons

November 25, 2021

In an interview on Monday with Axios reporter Jonathan Swan, radical “Squad” member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) tried to justify her aim of emptying out federal prisons through the BREATHE Act, while admitting that not everyone can be rehabilitated.

Asked about her support of the BREATHE Act, which provides a “roadmap for prison abolition,” Tlaib replied, “Yeah, I think that everyone’s like, ‘Oh my God, we’re going to just release everybody.’ That’s not what I’m—”

“That’s what the act says,” Swan interjected.

“Yeah, but did you see how many people are mentally ill that are in prison right now?” Tlaib shot back, avoiding answering Swan’s point.

“But the act you endorsed actually says release everyone in 10 years,” Swan said. “There are like, human traffickers, child sex [predators]. Do you mean that you don’t actually support that? Because you endorsed the bill,” he said as Tlaib insisted that drug offenders should be rehabilitated.

“Why aren’t you asking me about them?” she asked. “You’re asking me about the human traffickers and others that should be able to be held accountable.”

Swan again noted that her proposal “does release everyone.”

“Oh, yeah, within 10 years,” she admitted. “Obviously there’s a process of looking at how we can get away from mass incarceration and move toward care first.”

This is today’s Democrat Party: radicals like Tlaib who support releasing from prison over the next 10 years the most heinous offenders in the country.

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