Cook Praises Apple’s ‘Symbiotic’ Relationship with China

Cook Praises Apple’s ‘Symbiotic’ Relationship with China

March 28, 2023

Apple CEO Tim Cook praised his company’s “symbiotic relationship” with China during his first visit to the communist country since the coronavirus pandemic plagued the world.

“We could not be more excited. Apple and China — grew together and so this has been a symbiotic kind of relationship,” Cook said at the China Development Forum in Beijing, according to a report by Financial Times.

The China Development Forum is the communist regime’s version of Davos, which is a gathering of the world’s elites who are trying to plan the lives of everyone else on the planet. Cook added that this year, Apple would celebrate its 30th anniversary in China, which makes the vast majority of the company’s iPhones.

“We have a very large supply chain operation in China and then of course we also have our — Apple stores,” Cook said. “From the moment we hit the ground yesterday, we couldn’t wait to see some of our customers so we went to the Sanliutn store [in Beijing].”

Cook was one of several U.S. CEOs in Beijing for what has been advertised as an opening-up party after three years of strict policies regarding the COVID virus.

As Breitbart News previously reported, Cook signed a $275 billion deal with China in 2016 in order to prevent a crackdown by the communist government on its vast business in the country.

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