Three MS-13 Members Used Sex to Lure NY Kidnapping Victim

Three MS-13 Members Used Sex to Lure NY Kidnapping Victim

August 26, 2022

Breitbart News reports that two MS-13 gang members and an underage teenager also linked to the gang are accused of using sex to lure and kidnap a man at a hotel in New York State.

The incident developed over the weekend when 19-year-old Tylor Salmeron, 23-year-old Yonathan Hernandez, and an unidentified 16-year-old female lured a 48-year-old man to a hotel in Nassau County, New York. There they allegedly kidnapped the man and threatened to kill him during a robbery.

Police officers were conducting an investigation at a motel in Nassau County when they noticed the suspects inside a Ford F-150 that drove away missing a stop sign. Police pulled over the suspect and then noticed that the 48-year-old “appeared to be in distress.” Police told everyone to exit the vehicle. Salmeron tried to run away and dropped a machete. Police officers chased Salmeron and arrested him after he resisted arrest.

Authorities arrested the two other suspects and rescued the 48-year-old man. Authorities learned the suspects had lured the victim to a motel room by having the 16-year-old female offer sexual favors. Authorities did not reveal if the male victim knew that the female was underage.

Once inside the room, the suspects allegedly threatened the man with a machete and stabbed him several times. During the reported kidnapping, the assailants stole all the valuables that the victim had with him including $300 in cash. They also forced him to give them the PIN to his debit card. The suspects were only able to withdraw $1,000 from the victim’s account.

Authorities told News 12 that the traffic stop by police likely saved the victim since the suspects planned on killing him since he knew too much.

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