Thompson: Jan. 6 Committee to Issue ‘Criminal Referrals’

Thompson: Jan. 6 Committee to Issue ‘Criminal Referrals’

October 4, 2021

Friday on NBC News, House Select Committee chair Rep. Bennie Thompson said that anyone who defies a subpoena during the investigation of the January 6 chaos on Capitol Hill, which the Democrats have falsely labeled an attempted “insurrection,” will have a criminal referral issued.

“We did 11 subpoenas this week,” Thompson said. “We started questioning some of the voluntary witnesses today. And we will continue that process. We will have other subpoenas scheduled to come out. And we will continue to do our work.”

Asked about any witnesses who might refuse to show, Thompson replied, “Well, the only thing I can say is the committee will probably for those who don’t agree to come in voluntarily, we’ll do criminal referrals and let that process work out.”

This “process” is nothing more than another sham Democrat investigation. These costly, partisan attacks have turned up literally no evidence of any Republican wrongdoing, but the Dem goal is not so much to find actual evidence but to demonize their political opponents and weave false narratives depicting Republicans as anti-democrat subversives.

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