‘The Nation’ on Chauvin Trial: Jury System Lets Whites ‘Go Free’ for Killing Blacks

‘The Nation’ on Chauvin Trial: Jury System Lets Whites ‘Go Free’ for Killing Blacks

March 16, 2021

In a racist screed published Thursday called “The Acquittal of Derek Chauvin Has Already Begun,” the far-left magazine The Nation slammed the “deeply flawed” jury selection process for the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer accused of killing George Floyd, claiming the jury system “set up by white people” allows “white people [to] go free when they kill black people.

Nation “justice correspondent” Elie Mystal asserts that a jury “comprised mainly of white people” will decide whether “killing a black man should be a crime,” and then proclaims a trial should not even be necessary. “In a reasonable world, this trial would be perfunctory,” he writes. “Hell, in a reasonable world, there wouldn’t even be a trial: Chauvin would have accepted some kind of plea deal.

“But we don’t live in a reasonable world—we live in a white one,” Mystal claims ludicrously. “Chauvin is white, and he’s a cop. And his victim was black. In most situations, that’s all you need to get away with murder.”

“Floyd is dead because he was black, and Chauvin figured it was okay to choke a black person to death,” he writes. No, Floyd actually is dead because he overdosed on a cocktail of illegal drugs and resisted arrest. Chauvin did not choke him.

“He will not be judged by me or anybody like me,” Mystal writes. “I’m not ‘impartial’ about whether black people should be treated with the same basic human dignity as white people. According to the white people who run this system, that makes me too ‘biased’ to sit on Chauvin’s jury.” No, the reason Mystal won’t and shouldn’t be allowed to sit on any jury is because he is a bigot who has already made up his mind that if a black man dies in police custody, the only explanation is that a racist white murderer is to blame.

The unhinged Mystal goes on to claim that the jury system’s primary function is to let “white people go free when they kill black people.” This is the kind of demonstrably false racial agitation in which leftist media organs like The Nation regularly traffic.

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