The Nation: Kamala Harris Should Avoid Inauguration Due to ‘Compromised’ Security

The Nation: Kamala Harris Should Avoid Inauguration Due to ‘Compromised’ Security

January 15, 2021

An essay by Elie Mystal published in the leftwing rag The Nation on Wednesday suggests VP-Elect Kamala Harris should avoid attending the presidential inauguration on January 20 in case of an “armed attack by a rabble of white people” with the complicity of “Trump sympathizers” and “white supremacists” in law enforcement.

 The essay was accompanied by a caption reading, “The siege of the Capitol revealed what most Black people already knew: Law enforcement is in league with Trumpism.” Mystal wrote that President-Elect Joe Biden needs to attend the inauguration “but Kamala Harris does not,” and “we deserve a government that can continue to function in the face of a white-supremacist attack.”

Mystal went on to smear Trump supporters as racist terrorists, stating, “I don’t think the MAGA crowd can overcome the United States paramilitary apparatus that is set to be deployed to defend our government. I don’t think law enforcement can be overpowered in a repeat of its January 6 failures—unless, that is, its members want to be overpowered.”

“Whether the department suspends two or 200 more officers, there is zero chance we will have rooted out all the Trump sympathizers within the Capitol Police by the time of the inauguration,” he added. “Nor will we have found all the violent white supremacists currently embedded in the National Guard. Or working for the Secret Service.”

“Most people reacted to the police union endorsement of Trump as mere politics, but Black people have been trying to tell the rest of you for years that the police are aligned with white supremacist forces in this country,” the smear-monger Mystal ranted. “They’re the same damn forces that change hats or hoods as needed but never change their underlying belief in white supremacy.”

Mystal’s article overflows with hateful racist lies spewed about whites in general, which does not qualify as hate speech according to the perverse logic of the left’s identity politics.

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