Tedros Slams U.S.’s ‘Backwards’ SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

Tedros Slams U.S.’s ‘Backwards’ SCOTUS Abortion Ruling

June 30, 2022

During a media briefing on Wednesday at the W.H.O. headquarters in Geneva, World Health Organization head honcho Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus blasted the U.S. Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe v. Wade, calling it “a setback” that would cost lives.

“The evidence is irrefutable,” Tedros said. “Restricting [abortion] drives women and girls toward unsafe abortions resulting in complications, even death.” Fact check: the evidence is not irrefutable.

He then trotted out the predictable leftist talking points that abortion is “health care” — it’s not; it’s infanticide — and that limiting its access would disproportionately impact women from the most “marginalized” communities.

“We hadn’t really expected this from the U.S.,” Tedros mourned, adding that he was concerned the decision was a move “backwards.”

“We had really hoped the U.S. would lead on this issue,” he continued. “The global impact is also a concern. This is about the life of mother… If safe abortion is illegal, then women will definitely resort to unsafe ways of doing it. And that means it could cost them their lives.”

Of course, the SCOTUS decision did not make abortion illegal in America, so his warning is empty fear-mongering. Not only will there still be many states where women will be free to kill their unborn, but woke corporations are already falling all over themselves offering to pay employees for the procedure and for the travel expenses to pro-abortion states.

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