Taxpayer-funded NPR: ‘Truth Matters Again’ Under Biden

Taxpayer-funded NPR: ‘Truth Matters Again’ Under Biden

January 22, 2021

Taxpayer-funded, left-wing propaganda outlet National Public Radio (NPR) declared Tuesday that one of the “takeaways” from President Joe Biden’s inauguration is that “Truth matters again.”

“Truth matters again,” NPR pontificated in a statement. “When hearing of Trump’s falsehoods, exaggerations and lies, cynics and many Trump supporters dismissed the criticism that Trump faced with a version of an all-too-familiar retort: ‘Oh, come on. All politicians lie.’

“Well, not like what was seen these past four years. Trump made more than 30,000 misleading claims in four years, according to The Washington Post. That’s an average of 20 per day.”

Fact check: this is an absurdly inflated number and a complete lie in itself. As noted by Breitbart News, “much of the fact-checking cited by NPR — such as the Post‘s list — was driven by opinion, not reporting. For example, in 2019, the Post dinged Trump for claiming that former President Barack Obama had built a wall around his Washington, DC, home — when in fact it was a fence atop an existing wall, an essentially meaningless distinction.”

Truth has never mattered to corrupt, lifelong political grifter Joe Biden. In the campaign cycle alone, he has lied repeatedly about his and his son’s lucrative international influence peddling; he has perpetuated demonizing falsehoods about Trump’s repeated repudiation of white supremacists and neo-Nazis; he has lied about his record on supporting the Iraq War.

This is in addition to Biden’s lifelong habit of self-mythologizing and plagiarism. “Truth matters again” now that he is in office? Truth doesn’t matter to NPR any more than it ever has to Biden.

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