Susan Rice: Trump Uses ‘Racist Descriptions’ For Coronavirus

Susan Rice: Trump Uses ‘Racist Descriptions’ For Coronavirus

March 20, 2020

Thursday on CNN’s Situation Room, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice echoed the Democrat Narrative that President Trump is “race-baiting” by referring to the coronavirus as “Chinese.”

“So, there’s a lot of blame to be placed on China in terms of how it handled its processes internally, how they treated their people, how they suppressed information,” Rice said. “And certainly, China is not behaving well in trying to blame this on the United States.

“But the flip side of it is, we are not behaving well when we talk about, as the president does every day, the Chinese virus, the Wuhan flu, and all of these racist descriptions… So, we need to get out of the business of blaming people for where viruses arise, which can arise anywhere on the planet, and get into the business of working together to defeat them,” she continued. Rice went on to add that “we are race-baiting.”

Trump is working to defeat the coronavirus, and it is appropriate and not racist to note that it arose in China, whose actions have exacerbated the crisis 100-fold.

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