Streisand: Trump’s Wall an Immoral ‘Monument to Himself’

Streisand: Trump’s Wall an Immoral ‘Monument to Himself’

January 8, 2019

Leftwing activist and former entertainer Barbra Streisand belittled President Trump’s border wall proposal on Monday, calling the effort a “monument to himself” that America cannot “morally” afford.

“Trump only cares about this ‘wall’ in order to build a monument to himself. Just like the bankrupt ‘Trump’ buildings, the nation cannot afford to pay for his ego – not financially, not morally,” Streisand said in a social media post.

The actress/singer has repeatedly expressed her frustration that Trump beat her candidate Hillary Clinton. In an October interview, Streisand said the 2016 election had her in tears. “I’m still a little bit numb because I can’t believe it happened, since, you know, Hillary got 2.9 million votes more than Trump and she’s not the president.”

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