Streisand: Time to ‘Remove Climate Deniers from Office’

Streisand: Time to ‘Remove Climate Deniers from Office’

July 2, 2019

Former entertainer and current leftwing activist Barbra Streisand declared on Monday that the time had come for “climate change deniers” like President Trump to be removed from office.

“Last week it was 114 in Paris and Guadalajara was buried in 3 feet of ice from a hailstorm,” Streisand wrote on Twitter in response to a Washington Post article about the storm. “Climate change is here now and it is time for voters to remove the climate deniers from office. Starting with Trump.”

Both Streisand and the Washington Post failed to note that hailstorms are common during the summer months in Guadalajara, thanks to the Mexican city’s elevated location.

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