Streisand, Reiner: ‘Trump Must Be Beaten in November’

Streisand, Reiner: ‘Trump Must Be Beaten in November’

March 11, 2020

Former entertainer Barbra Streisand and former All in the Family “Meathead” Rob Reiner are among the Hollywood anti-Trump hysterics who have decided to throw their diminishing celebrity influence behind Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden as the candidate most likely to defeat the President in November.

“I wholeheartedly endorse Joe Biden for President,” Streisand tweeted on Wednesday. “Trump must be beaten in November before he does more damage to our democracy, environment, for our health and safety and standing in the world.”

“The survival of Democracy depends on the removal of the most Criminally Corrupt President in our Nation’s history,” Reiner tweeted late Tuesday. “It’s time to put our differences aside and celebrate what unites US by coalescing behind Joe Biden. This Nov. let’s blow the Sick Liar away.”

The subtext here is that the Democrat establishment is panicked — rightfully so — that Biden rival Bernie Sanders is too radical a candidate to beat Trump.

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