Streisand: Judge ACB ‘Will Set the Country Back Decades’

Streisand: Judge ACB ‘Will Set the Country Back Decades’

September 29, 2020

On Twitter on Sunday, Democrat mega-fundraiser, former entertainer, and anti-Trump activist Barbra Streisand claimed that Supreme Court nominee Judge Amy Coney Barrett (ACB) was nominated by a “spiteful” Trump and will “set the country back decades.”

“A spiteful Donald Trump picked a woman who is the polar opposite of RBG [Ruth Bader Ginsburg],” Streisand tweeted. “Barrett opposes the ACA [Obamacare] and a woman’s right to choose her reproductive decisions. She will set the country back decades. Remember the GOP did this in November.”

On Friday, Streisand asked on Twitter, “Do we want to have a President who deals with the reality of climate change, who favors clean air and water, and embraces the jobs of the future in renewable energy? Or does the country really want Donald Trump, who doesn’t deal with reality at all, like Covid-19?”

It is actually Streisand and her progressive ilk who don’t understand or deal with reality. As Breitbart News notes, Streisand has hurled hundreds of unhinged accusations at President Trump, including calling him a “fascist” and “mentally unfit” to be president, and claiming he killed the Americans who have died from the coronavirus.

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