Streisand: Biden Inauguration Restores ‘Hope for a Better 2021’

Streisand: Biden Inauguration Restores ‘Hope for a Better 2021’

January 15, 2021

In an interview with Variety, Democrat mega-fundraiser and former entertainer Barbra Streisand said President-Elect Joe Biden’s upcoming inauguration is restoring her “sense of hope” about the coming year, claiming hilariously that the corrupt, empty-suit puppet of the radical left will bring back “decency” to the White House.

“The inauguration of Joe Biden restores my sense of hope for a better 2021,” Streisand said. “He and his team will work to halt the pandemic and rebuild the economy. He will also restore a sense of decency and dignity to the White House.”

Streisand was one of Hollywood’s most prominent Biden boosters, participating in fundraisers and using her social media accounts to praise his candidacy and take unhinged shots at President Trump, smearing him as “dangerous to our health” and “unfit mentally and morally to hold this office.”

Variety reported that Hollywood stars such as Barbra are eager to help the new Biden administration “save America.” That’s because wealthy elites like her will be largely immune from the devastation Biden’s administration will wreak on the country.

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