Steyer: Winner of Dem Debate Was President Trump

Steyer: Winner of Dem Debate Was President Trump

February 20, 2020

Thursday on CNN, Democrat presidential contender Tom Steyer announced that the clear winner of the Las Vegas Democrat debate, in which Steyer did not participate, was President Trump.

Asked what he saw in the debate, billionaire Steyer replied, “Well, I saw the person who won the debate last night, whose name is Donald Trump. That’s the first thing I’d say. I think that the person –” The host interrupted, asking, “How did Donald Trump win?”

“Because I saw so much bickering between Democratic candidates tearing each other down and going after each other and forgetting the fact that what really counts is beating Donald Trump in November of 2020,” he added. “I saw people going after each other’s personality and records instead of remembering that, in fact, the Democratic Party needs to win in November.”

Kudos to Steyer for acknowledging that the Democrat debate revealed the glaring weakness of the Party’s lineup competing for the opportunity to take back the White House. Not one of them can beat Trump.

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