Steyer: Trump Has No Foreign Policy Strategy, ‘Crisis to Crisis’

Steyer: Trump Has No Foreign Policy Strategy, ‘Crisis to Crisis’

January 15, 2020

In the Democrat debate on Tuesday, billionaire and White House hopeful Tom Steyer declared that President Trump has no strategy for conducting foreign policy, claiming that Trump goes “from crisis to crisis.”

“What this conversation shows is that there is no real strategy that we’re trying to accomplish with what we’re doing in the Middle East,” Steyer said. “Obviously Mr. Trump has no strategy. He is going from crisis to crisis, escalation to escalation. But if you look closer over the last 20 years, including in the war in Afghanistan, we know from the Washington Post that, in fact, there was a series of tactical decisions that made no sense.

“So we really have to ask ourselves in the Middle East, what are we trying to accomplish?” Steyer added, stating that he agrees with his Democrat nominee competitor Joe Biden that foreign policy should be conducted in conjunction with other nations.

Contrary to what panicked Democrats claim, Trump does have a foreign policy strategy. It’s called “America First,” and it’s working.

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