Steyer: Trump Has ‘Already Blown’ Coronavirus Response

Steyer: Trump Has ‘Already Blown’ Coronavirus Response

February 28, 2020

Thursday on CNN’s Situation Room, billionaire Democrat presidential hopeful Tom Steyer told host Wolf Blitzer that the Trump administration had “already blown” its response to the coronavirus because President Trump was “very, very late.”

“Well, let me say this, Wolf, the president has already blown this,” Steyer claimed. “He is very, very late. The first announcement of this publicly was at the end of December of last year. We’re at the end of February, and he is starting to focus on this. Honestly, that is way too late.” In fact, Trump created a task force in January.

“He should have been on this months ago,” Steyer added. “He should have been sending scientists to China. He should have been working to develop a vaccine. He should have been working with the National Institute of Public Health… His job is to protect the health and safety of American citizens first and foremost, and he’s failed at his basic duty.”

“This is a  clear example of Mr. Trump’s incompetence, deep incompetence, and we’re watching it real-time.” What it’s a clear example of is the Democrats manufacturing a crisis to blame on the President.

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