Steyer Aide Secretly Offered Money for Endorsements

Steyer Aide Secretly Offered Money for Endorsements

November 8, 2019

A top aide to Democrat presidential hopeful Tom Steyer reportedly has privately offered campaign contributions to local politicians in exchange for endorsing the billionaire’s White House run, according to Breitbart.

Pat Murphy, a former state House speaker who now serves as a top adviser on Steyer’s Iowa campaign, was identified by former Iowa Democrat state senator Tom Courtney, Iowa state Rep. Karin Derry, and several other local politicians as the Steyer aide who proposed financial support if they backed Murphy’s boss.

Such overtures aren’t illegal, although payments would violate campaign finance laws if not disclosed. Apparently no one took Murphy up on his offer, but it revives criticism that Steyer is trying to buy his way into the White House.

Derry said Murphy didn’t explicitly offer a specific dollar amount, but made it clear that Derry would receive financial compensation in return for an endorsement. Courtney said the offer “left a bad taste in my mouth.” The Steyer campaign denied knowledge of the deal.

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