Stewart Apologizes for Past ‘Sh*tty, Reductive’ Trans Jokes

Stewart Apologizes for Past ‘Sh*tty, Reductive’ Trans Jokes

October 11, 2022

During the recent season two premiere of his Apple TV+ series, purported comedian and longtime Daily Show host Jon Stewart atoned for his past jokes about transgender people by proclaiming “we are in a new dawn of gender and sex complexity.”

The left-wing comedian went full transgender in the latest episode of The Problem with Jon Stewart that began streaming Thursday, titling the episode “The War over Gender.”

“We are in a new dawn of gender and sex complexity, where those who don’t fit into a simple binary are meant to be seen with humanity,” Stewart declared at the top of the show.

He acknowledged targeting transgender people for laughs during his tenure hosting Comedy Central’s The Daily Show, calling himself out for his “shitty and reductive jokes” about trans individuals and then tacking on a nervous laugh.

He continued his atonement later in the episode by saying: “Whatever discomfort we may feel in the changing norms of reality, myself included, it is no match for the discomfort and fear felt by those seeking acceptance.”

During the episode, Stewart attacked Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) who have opposed transgender surgeries and medication for children, slamming their efforts to introduce “anti-trans legislation.”

“What could justify this unprecedented urgency?” he said. “Did trans people storm the Capitol? Did they steal classified nuclear intel from the White House and keep it in a humidor in Florida?”

As Breitbart News reported, Jon Stewart experienced a Twitter meltdown earlier this year over a Breitbart News report about his show’s failure to retain viewers .The Apple TV+ show’s first season saw an embarrassing 78 percent drop from the season premiere to the fifth episode, which drew only 40,000 viewers.

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