Stewart Admits Hunter B. Being on Burisma Board ‘is Corruption’

Stewart Admits Hunter B. Being on Burisma Board ‘is Corruption’

October 28, 2022

In the latest episode of his Apple TV+ podcast, comedian Jon Stewart admitted that Hunter Biden’s board position on the Ukranian gas company Burisma is “corruption, straight up.” His belated admission comes two years after the mainstream news media sought to bury the laptop scandal in an effort to carry hapless Joe Biden over the finish line during the 2020 presidential election.

Discussing politics with British journalist Gabriel Gatehouse, Stewart commented on the “laptop from hell,” saying, “Let’s say it was real and people just thought, well, the one thing in it maybe is 10% to the big guy, which is circumstantial at best. But as far as like, look, Hunter Biden being on the board of –”

“Burisma,” Gatehouse interjected.

“To me that’s corruption, straight up off the bat,” Stewart said.

During the conversation, Stewart argued Hunter Biden’s business ties in Ukrainian ties represent a major ethical lapse that surpasses the laptop controversy.

“The idea that nepotism would allow much larger amounts of money to flow into the hands of people unqualified, to be in the positions that they’ve been accepted because you think those countries are trying to buy influence. Yeah. Welcome to the fucking world. And I think I think it’s a huge problem on its face. Forget about any secret laptop.”

Gatehouse admitted that he initially brushed off the laptop story. “Well, big mistake. It turned out the laptop was real,” he said, adding that while some major news outlets eventually authenticated the laptop, they have never fessed up to their role in burying the scandal.

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