Steinem: We Won’t Have Equality Until Men Are Raising Children as Much as Women Are

Steinem: We Won’t Have Equality Until Men Are Raising Children as Much as Women Are

March 9, 2023

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, evil feminist icon Gloria Steinem declared that gender equality will not be achieved until men are raising children as much as women are.

Corrupt, power-mad failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton asked, “Gloria, you have been pointing out for decades while women can and do work full-time in the paid labor force, it is still often expected they continue to work full-time in the unpaid labor force. As you look at where we are and think about what now needs to happen to move this agenda forward, what are you hoping to convey to this audience and to everybody watching?”

Steinem said, “How long do we have? Well, I’m glad we started out with the whole concept of work because until work is divided equally at home, that is until men, fathers are raising infants and little children as much as women are.”

She added, “Children will grow up thinking that men can be as loving and patient as women can and that women can be as active and achieving in the world outside the home. So I’m so thankful for this conference on spaceship earth.”

Apart from the fact that earth is not a spaceship, not even metaphorically, Steinem’s idea of gender equality means rejecting biological reality; pretending that men and women are not complementary but are indistinguishable from each other mentally, physically, and emotionally; and breaking down the nuclear family unit that is the irreducible, ultimate roadblock to totalitarian State power.

That’s the civilization-destroying chaos she supports and which she has helped unleash on society today.

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