Spike Lee: ‘This Motherf*cker’ Trump ‘is Not Going to Leave’

Spike Lee: ‘This Motherf*cker’ Trump ‘is Not Going to Leave’

October 8, 2020

In a recent interview with Variety, race-mongering filmmaker Spike Lee asserted that “this motherf*cker” President Trump won’t leave the White House if he loses the November election and could spark a civil war.

“This could be a civil war,” Lee said. “And we got to come out and vote because this motherf*cker is not going to leave, and he’ll say that the vote was invalid or rigged. He’s doing that sh*t already. He’s laying the groundwork to say the election is bogus.” Fact check: the left is counting on massive voter fraud to win, and when Trump contests it, the left will claim he is clinging to power and needs to be forcibly removed.

Later in the interview, Lee also declared that Trump’s slogan Make America Great Again means to “roll back the clock. If it was up to him, I’d be singing, ‘Let my people go. I’d be singing Negro spirituals, ‘Wade in the Water,’ all types of stuff. Along with stealing the land from Native Americans and genocide, that’s how this country was built.”

Literally everything he said is a hateful, demagogic lie. Lee is an America-hating race agitator with nothing truthful or substantial to say, but tragically, our culture gives celebrities like him a megaphone to spew their divisive lies.

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