Spielberg Omits Spanish Subtitles in ‘West Side Story’

Spielberg Omits Spanish Subtitles in ‘West Side Story’

December 2, 2021

Steven Spielberg’s remake of Stephen Sondheim’s hit musical West Side Story has hit the theaters, and the leftist director is apparently sending a message to white America by deciding to release the film without subtitles that would enable English-speaking audiences understand the Spanish dialogue.

Spielberg and screenwriter Tony Kushner opted for authenticity by having the Puerto Rican characters speak in Spanish in many of their scenes. But Spielberg decided to leave the benighted, strictly English-speaking viewers in the dark as to what those characters are saying, to punish them for their systemic bigotry.

This thrilled anti-white leftists like journalist Yolanda Machado, who tweeted, “West Side Story is fantastic. White people gonna be big mad tho and good. Bless you Steven Spielberg for not subtitling when our people use our language. In a country where nearly 20 percent of the population speaks Spanish, the subtitles just further keep us othered.”

But it’s okay, apparently, to “other” white Americans who don’t speak fluent Spanish. For that matter, it “others” not just whites but black Americans or other minorities who don’t speak Spanish, as well as the deaf or hard of hearing, even the ones who do speak Spanish. In his pointedly multicultural decision to make white, non-Spanish speakers feel excluded, Speilberg has ended up excluding whole swaths of audiences who don’t need or want a lesson in social justice and racial division but just want to enjoy a good movie.

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