Soros’ Open Society Foundations Reopens in Berlin

Soros’ Open Society Foundations Reopens in Berlin

October 8, 2018

After being driven from Budapest by the Hungarian government’s “Stop Soros” legislation limiting the activities of far-left NGOs, George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) has moved to Berlin, where the international grantmaking network is set to nearly double its staff numbers from 80 to 150.

“The repressive political climate in Hungary has made it impossible for us to work there safely and effectively,” said Open Society Initiative for Europe co-director, Goran Buldioski said, “but this gives us the great opportunity to continue and expand our work from our new home in Berlin.”

OSF chief Patrick Gaspard had previously blasted Budapest for “using tactics unprecedented in the history of the European Union” to “denigrate” and “repress” the group’s work promoting far-left culture change and policies in Hungary.

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