Soros-Funded Org Provided CRT Training to Federal Government

Soros-Funded Org Provided CRT Training to Federal Government

September 14, 2022

Breitbart News reports that two George Soros-funded organizations that seek to embed Critical Race Theory (CRT) into federal bureaucracies have provided “racial equity” training to the federal government.

Race Forward, an organization funded by billionaire leftist financier Soros, created a plan to permanently entrench CRT in the federal government, seeking to “transform agencies and the whole federal government” by embedding adherents of CRT into key roles and tying career success to ideological conformity.

A document titled “Partnering with Federal Agencies to Advance Racial Equity,” published by Race Forward and a partner organization called Policy Link, details the coordination between the leftist organizations and our federal government.

Both PolicyLink and RaceForward are funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, which works to advance globalism and leftism. Race Forward has defended the inclusion of critical race theory in American schools, remarking that “this attack on Critical Race Theory is part of a broad, coordinated effort to thwart a multiracial democracy.”

The document reads, “PolicyLink and Race Forward co-led a Racial Equity Governing Pilot Project with federal agencies in the fall and winter of 2021 and 2022.” It also notes, “This report discusses critical elements of these partnership pilots and lessons to inform and support the longer term aspirations of the federal government to become actively antiracist.”

The report specifically notes that PolicyLink and Race Forward “worked with almost a dozen agencies in the planning phase of the pilot,” though it does not specify which agencies it worked with. It does, however, note that Race Forward and PolicyLink “focused on the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the implementation phase.”

PolicyLink and Race Forward both fully embrace the core tenets of critical race theory and intend to leverage the might of the federal bureaucracy to reverse “systemic racism.”

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