Soros-Funded Group: Spend Millions to Push Mail-In Voting

Soros-Funded Group: Spend Millions to Push Mail-In Voting

April 27, 2020

The Brennan Center for Justice, financed by leftist billionaire George Soros, is calling for Democrats to spend $250 million to educate voters about changes that will allow vote-by-mail in the upcoming election.

Breitbart News reports that the recommendations are part of the Center’s $4 billion nationwide funding blueprint for voting reform — read: progressive voter fraud — during the coronavirus pandemic.

With other Soros-financed groups, the Brennan Center has been leading a campaign advocating a “vote-by-mail” system in the November election, claiming the coronavirus makes it too dangerous to vote in person. Some of the groups are using the crisis to push permanent changes to the way Americans vote.

The Brennan Center’s plan calls for a “universal vote-by-mail option for all voters.” To alert the public about changes to the voting method, the Brennan Center wants a $252.1 million public education campaign which, predictably, “must include advertising in non-English languages” — because unassimilated illegal aliens are a major Democrat voting bloc.

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