Soros D.A. Gascón Loses in Court, Must Obey Sentencing Rules

Soros D.A. Gascón Loses in Court, Must Obey Sentencing Rules

June 3, 2022

The California Appeals Court ruled on Thursday that Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón cannot order prosecutors to ignore state rules on enhanced sentencing and “three strikes” life sentences.

Gascón, supported in the 2020 election by millions of dollars from left-wing billionaire financier George Soros, took office in December that year and immediately canceled cash bail, the death penalty, and enhanced sentencing in most cases. That led to prosecutors asking for reduced penalties in even the most egregious cases, such as a multiple murder in which the accused had also allegedly murdered a Deputy Sheriff.

Before his first month was out, Gascón had been sued by the Association of Deputy District Attorneys, who argued that Gascón’s new policies violated state law. A Los Angeles Superior Court found against Gascón last year. He appealed and lost.

NBC Los Angeles reported that the California Appeals Court ruled that Gascón “cannot order prosecutors to sidestep elements of the state’s three-strikes law that may increase prison terms when filing criminal charges, and cannot order prosecutors to drop or withdraw special circumstance allegations that could lead to sentences of life without the possibility of parole” — dealing a blow to the pro-criminal Gascón and his leftist comrades.

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