Soros’ ‘Global Disinformation Index’ is Election-Swaying Tool

Soros’ ‘Global Disinformation Index’ is Election-Swaying Tool

April 28, 2023

Paul Fitzpatrick, the president of the 1792 Exchange, told Breitbart News Daily that the George Soros-backed foreign disinformation advocacy organization Global Disinformation Index possibly changed some elections’ outcomes because it chokes off information.

Fitzpatrick discussed how the Global Disinformation Index (GDI), a foreign think tank that receives funding from leftist billionaire financier Soros’ Open Society Foundations, has targeted conservative news outlets under the guise of curbing “disinformation.”

GDI offers advertising clients its Dynamic Exclusion List, which lists the likeliness of an outlet to be at risk of spreading disinformation. GDI often labels right-wing outlets as being at risk of spreading disinformation and left-wing and establishment outlets as being the least likely to spread disinformation.

Fitzpatrick noted that GDI was especially active during the midterm elections, which could alter the outcome of the elections due to its aim of choking off information it deems as “disinformation,” saying:

It was active in the months leading up to the midterm elections. And so, we don’t know how much information was blocked leading up to the midterm elections. Could that have changed the outcomes of some races that were very close? That’s very possible. So, GDI is, in essence, a tool to choke information.

Dr. Daniel Rogers, co-founder and executive director of GDI, wrote an op-ed for Time magazine calling for sweeping regulations to block President Donald Trump or “someone like him” from getting elected.

Fitzpatrick said Breitbart News Daily listeners should pressure Congress to do more to hold oversight hearings on GDI and other companies that are stifling free speech.

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