Sinema Declares Opposition to Eliminating Senate Filibuster

Sinema Declares Opposition to Eliminating Senate Filibuster

January 26, 2021

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema told the Washington Post, through her office, that she was opposed to her fellow Progressives’ efforts to eliminate the filibuster in the United States Senate.

“Kyrsten is against eliminating the filibuster, and she is not open to changing her mind about eliminating the filibuster,” a spokesperson told the Post.

The filibuster, which requires three-fifths of the chamber—usually 60 votes—to end debate on a piece of legislation, has become a point of contention between Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and his Republican counterpart, Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Republicans are requesting that any agreement on how to organize the newly elected chamber includes a provision protecting the filibuster. Schumer has refused to commit to such a deal.

Progressives like Sen. Elizabeth Warren have argued that swift action on liberal priorities, including immigration reform and expanded access to abortion, cannot move forward while the filibuster is in place.

Sinema had argued her position in an October 2019 interview with Politico. “They will not get my vote on [nuking the filibuster],” she said. “In fact, whether I’m in the majority or the minority I would always vote to reinstate the protections for the minority. … It is the right thing for the country.”

Sinema’s reaffirmation of that position on Monday means that Senate Democrats likely will not have enough votes to abolish the filibuster. Her pronouncement comes only days after the Biden White House also signaled its opposition to any attempt to discard the filibuster.

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