Sinema Blasts Republicans Who Shouted at Biden During SOTU

Sinema Blasts Republicans Who Shouted at Biden During SOTU

February 10, 2023

During a Washington Post Live event, Sen. Kyrsten SinemaI (I-AZ) believes Republicans who shouted at President Biden during the State of the Union speech Tuesday are “beneath the dignity” of Congress.

“Everyone is raucous, and I was worried people were going to start throwing hotdogs and popcorn at each other,” Sinema said. “To be honest, I find it beneath the dignity of the United States Congress. And what I find most disturbing about it, is the fact that it’s normalized.”

During Biden’s address, he claimed that Republicans want to sunset Medicare and Social Security, a lie that prompted shouts and heckling from members of the party.

Sinema, who defected from the Democrat Party to go Independent, described the comments made towards the president as “disturbing and sad,” but added that while there were “members of the Republican Party who engaged in behavior that I thought was not becoming of elected officials in our country, there are also members of the Democratic Party who would hiss or chant as well.”

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