Sherrod Brown: GOP is the ‘Gravedigger of Democracy’

Sherrod Brown: GOP is the ‘Gravedigger of Democracy’

February 6, 2020

Speaking prior to the Senate impeachment vote on Wednesday, Sen. Sherrod Brown accused Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of colluding with the White House to protect President Trump.

“What we’ve just seen is the dictator of the Senate manipulating the impeachment process to save the demagogue in the White House, whose political party has become the gravedigger of democracy,” Brown proclaimed. “Even before this trial began, leader McConnell admitted out loud that he was coordinating the trial process with the White House.”

“The leader of the Senate was coordinating with the White House on impeachment,” Brown repeated. “In a fair trial, the defense and prosecution would have been able to introduce evidence, to call witnesses, to listen to testimony,” Brown said.

Like all his fellow Democrats, Brown is a blowhard and a hypocrite. It was President Trump’s team, not the Democrats, who were denied witnesses and a fair impeachment process.

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