Sherrod Brown: GOP Following ‘Racist’ Trump ‘Like Lemmings’

Sherrod Brown: GOP Following ‘Racist’ Trump ‘Like Lemmings’

March 11, 2019

Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Sen. Sherrod Brown said that the Republican Party was following President Trump’s “racist actions” like “lemmings off the cliff.”

“I hear the stories that are, that’s the story of the day, about Democrats moving to the left. I think the more important story is how Republicans continue to move to the right,” Brown said. “How President Trump extols —betrayals of workers and utters racist, anti-Semitic rhetoric. They don’t have divisions. They’ve followed his racist actions and betrayal of workers. They follow it like lemmings off the cliff.

“That’s the story, not some degrees of differences between and among Democrats,” he continued. “That’s the real story.”

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