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Sheila Jackson Lee Calls Racism ‘National Security Threat’

August 16, 2019

In a House Homeland Security Committee hearing on Tuesday, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee declared that “racism” is “a national security threat” and that we must “invest huge sums of money” to stop “white minds… drawn to white militia, white supremacy, white nationalism.”

“Racism is a national security threat,” Jackson Lee said. “Before, we would say, ‘you have a right to your racist views. You have a right to believe that slavery was right. That segregation was right.’ We live in an era where that can no longer be allowed.” She did not explain how she would deny people the right to hold these views.

Promoting the false Democrat narrative that America is awash in white supremacists, Jackson Lee insisted, “We must find a way to invest huge sums of money intervening in these white minds that are drawn to white militia, white supremacy, white nationalism because they have nothing else to do — no intervention, no recreation, no libraries, no training of communities.”

The government must find “real remedies,” she added, because “racism is killing us.” It is, but the real racism in America is stemming from the Democrat Party.

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