Sharpton: Trump’s Reelection ‘Should Make Us Uncomfortable’

Sharpton: Trump’s Reelection ‘Should Make Us Uncomfortable’

December 27, 2019

Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, network host and race-baiting exploiter Al Sharpton speculated about the possibility that President Trump may be reelected in 2020, stating that the prospect should make Americans “uncomfortable.”

“I think voters really that are struggling … which is a lot of base of the Democratic Party, are really trying to deal with kitchen-table issues,” Sharpton opined. “That’s what we’ve got to address, particularly while you have a president that’s bragging about the economy.” As he should, since the economy is doing extraordinarily well, particularly for the minorities whom Sharpton would like to paint as victims of the Trump administration’s purported racism.

“Right now, we cannot say with any confidence that Donald Trump would not be reelected,” Sharpton continued. “That should make us uncomfortable.”

It should make leftists uncomfortable, but for patriots who care about making America great again, it’s a reason to celebrate.

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