Sharpton: Trump’s Fort Bragg Comment Proves He Is a Bigot

Sharpton: Trump’s Fort Bragg Comment Proves He Is a Bigot

July 21, 2020

On Sunday, race hustler Al Sharpton told TMZ that President Trump is a bigot for invoking Sharpton’s name on Fox News Sunday while discussing renaming military bases named for Confederate leaders.

“I think it was veiled sarcasm,” Sharpton claimed. “I think it was because I’m usually the one that stands up to him on racial issues, whether it was Birtherism or the Central Park Five or on these statues. When he thinks race, I’m the one that comes to him like a flea that won’t get out of your eye. I’ve been the racial person that has been all in his eye for decades about his bigotry and his racism.” That’s a total lie. No one ever complained Trump is a racist until he announced he was running for President.

“I used to give him the benefit of the doubt, but the only way he could be comfortable with that is he is a bigot. Why would you want to fight passionately to honor bigots unless it was fine with you? And if bigotry is fine with you, the noun form of that is that you are a bigot,” Sharpton concluded.

And that’s the left’s strategy: smear anyone who resists the idea of mobs trashing public monuments as a racist.

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