Sharpton: Trump Pardons ‘Made a Mockery of Democracy’

Sharpton: Trump Pardons ‘Made a Mockery of Democracy’

December 25, 2020

Thursday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, race-hustling demagogue Al Sharpton predictably slammed President Trump for his recent pardons and commutations, claiming ridiculously that Trump “has really made a mockery of democracy.”

“Donald Trump has really made a mockery of democracy,” Sharpton claimed. “He’s used the fact that he was elected president to continue schemes that are outright criminal and to cover up those schemes using the pardons that were designed to try to correct things that may have been wrong. And I think we must also keep in mind that he did this while at the same time putting on hold for Christmas the people that need some kind of relief during this pandemic, during COVID-19. So, let’s look at how despicable this person is, how low in character he is.”

“He says, ‘I’m going to mess up the COVID relief package going forward. Have people sit around Christmas day not knowing if they’re going to get any relief at all, and I’m going to pardon every crook that has ever done business with me, related to me, or could have put me in a compromising position. How’s that for Santa Claus this year?’” he ranted.

Sharpton is a corrupt liar who has made a lucrative career on smearing political targets. His attack on Trump is a leftist fantasy with absolutely zero basis in reality. He has made a mockery of political commentary; the fact that MSNBC continues to give him a platform is testimony to the network’s function as a propaganda outlet.

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