Sharpton: Trump ‘Knew He Didn’t Belong in the Office’ of the Presidency

Sharpton: Trump ‘Knew He Didn’t Belong in the Office’ of the Presidency

February 12, 2022

Friday on MSNBC’s Deadline, lifelong race hustler and demagogue Al Sharpton claimed that former President Donald Trump’s reported mishandling of classified documents was, in part, because he “knew he didn’t belong in the office” and would show off documents to make himself feel important.

“As well as the fact that you have the president of the United States so reckless that staff members were afraid of him having classified information that could have led to things to endanger this country,” Sharpton blathered. “Let’s not forget not long after he was in office, he was showing the Russian leader, referring to classified documents on his desk, bragging about his new power. Because he was a guy who knew he didn’t belong in the office. He was insecure about the power, and he always had to prove to people how powerful he was. Real powerful people don’t have to prove that.”

Sharpton continued, “When you put someone like this in that position, you put us in danger. Now mocking the rules because, again, he does not rise to the level of president or former president. He is not even a good person at covering the tracks after he does such obvious illegal acts and unethical acts.”

Sharpton and his fellow leftists have obsessed over trying to pin illegal and unethical acts on Trump since the day he announced his candidacy for President, and they’ve always come up empty-handed. The notion that Trump was or is insecure about power is just as ludicrous and insubstantial.

If Sharpton really wants to target someone who doesn’t belong in the White House, he need look no further than the hapless, illegitimate occupier currently drooling in the Oval Office.

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