Sharpton: Trump, Barr Shredding the ‘Very Fabric of This Country’

Sharpton: Trump, Barr Shredding the ‘Very Fabric of This Country’

March 9, 2020

MSNBC demagogue Al Sharpton said over the weekend that President Trump was tearing apart the “very fabric of this country” by having Attorney General William Barr acting as his personal “Roy Cohn-type lawyer.”

Referring to the Barr-redacted Mueller report which debunked the Democrat claim that Russia colluded to elect Trump in 2016, Sharpton said, “It really speaks to how Barr has, in a way, helped this president reinterpret what the presidency is all about… Because if we start normalizing where the attorney general operates as the private attorney to the president, rather than the head of the Justice Department for the people.

“And a Roy Cohn-type of lawyer at that, then we have the whole nation beginning to unravel and reinterpret what is the constitutional premise of how this government is set up. That’s what’s at stake here… We’re talking about speaking to the very fabric of this country.”

Sharpton and his fellow Democrats still can’t/won’t let their Russia conspiracy theory go, even after a failed three-year investigation.

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