Sharpton Spox: ‘Folk’ Don’t Trust Trump Admin on 2020 Census

Sharpton Spox: ‘Folk’ Don’t Trust Trump Admin on 2020 Census

February 21, 2020

An event with faith leaders from around the country on Tuesday in Washington, D.C.  was disrupted by the Rev. Nelson B. Rivers III of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network, who said black and brown “folk” don’t trust the Trump administration to fairly conduct the census.

“If you’re black or Latino in America and you’re not paranoid, you need to question your sanity,” said Rivers, according to Breitbart News. “To be paranoid is a natural response to being black and brown in this country. But I’m from a community that realizes the policy depends on who’s enforcing it. And right now we have a guy who’s demonstrated that the law doesn’t mean jack to him,” Rivers said, referring to President Trump.

“And if you can influence how the Justice Department behaves, you have a hard time telling folk, ‘trust the government’ or ‘trust the lawyers,’” Rivers said, “but to diminish the fact that we really do have a different government than we had in 2010.”

Yes, we do. Unlike the current administration, in 2010 we had one that did nothing for American minorities.

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