Sharpton Says Trump Is ‘More Punk Than Fighter’

Sharpton Says Trump Is ‘More Punk Than Fighter’

October 23, 2019

On MSNBC’s Tom Joyner Morning Show Wednesday, host Al Sharpton speculated that President Trump will quit rather than allow himself to be impeached, because “He is more punk than fighter.”

“I think if the walls keep closing in the way they are, he may quit,” Sharpton mused. “With all of that bravado and all of that loud talking that he is doing, I do not think this man wants to risk going to jail if he can cut a deal.” Fact check: Trump is not facing jail time.

“I don’t think he is there yet, but I think if he is convinced there is no way out he would cut a deal to get a pardon for him, maybe his daughter and go. The question would be if he is prosecuted by the Manhattan state authorities because he can’t be pardoned from that,” he continued.

“Like any other loud bully in the schoolyard, if a real fight comes down, he is more punk than fighter,” added the race-baiting fraud Sharpton, who has made a lucrative career out of loud bullying.

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